To make payments easy, we have a set monthly fee for membership which is to be paid via monthy standing order or termly cash/cheque or bank transfer. When completing your Membership Agreement forms please select preferred payment option.

Monthly standing orders are to be paid on the 1st of each month September - June.

Termly payments are to be paid 1st Septmber, 1st January and 1st April.

(Students who start during a month will pay pro-rata amount for rest of that month, e.g. if they start on week 3 of 4 they will pay half the monthly fee by cash, cheque or bank transfer.)

** We take security and safe-guarding very seriously. It is important to state, where asked on Agreement, whether you consent to photo & video for media (Website & Social Media Pages) and also to make us aware of any health issues, allergies etc. that the student may have. **


Solo Member - £49 per month / £163 per term

Duo Member - £32 per month / £106 per term

5% Members Discount for Additional Instruments

MEMBERSHIP RATES - Tutors in Residence

MEMBERSHIP RATES - Primary Schools

Solo Member - £32 per month / £106 per term

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GHMusic School Calendar

Please get in touch for the latest information on lesson availability.

Friendly Advice!

Access to instruments

When enrolling for lessons make sure that students can access an instrument to practice on during the week. If you wish to purchase an instrument and need advice - just ask! We can even help source instruments for you.

Practice makes perfect!

As with learning any new subject, we can't just rely on what we do in our lessons to make good progress. It is very important to keep up a good practice routine in order to fully benefit from lessons and achieve appropriate milestones :)

Studio Policies

1. Lessons

The Teacher will give tuition for one full academic year. Dates will be specified by the Teacher in accordance with Condition 3. The Teacher will give the lessons at the location specified on page 1 of this Agreement and the Teacher will reserve this slot for the Pupil for one full academic year.

2. Payment of fees

The Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer) will pay the fees for the academic year in 10 Monthly instalments by standing order on 1st of each month (please find form attached). The dates on which payment will be taken will be specified on the standing order form. The standing order form must be completed and submitted to the Teacher by the Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer) at least 14 days prior to the date of the first lesson.  OR Termly: Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer due 1st September, 1st January and 1st April.

3. Lesson timetable

The Teacher will give the Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer) written confirmation of the dates and times of all lessons for the full academic year - on GHM Tuition Calendar attached.

4. Missed Lessons

The Teacher will charge for any scheduled lessons which the Pupil does not attend, unless the Teacher chooses not to do so because of exceptional circumstances. If the Teacher cancels a scheduled lesson, the Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer) will be offered a replacement lesson and if that cannot be arranged a choice of refund or voucher will ber offered for that lesson.

5. Examinations, competitions and public performances

The Pupil will not be entered for any examination, competition or public performance without t  prior consent of both the Teacher and the Pupil (and the Pupil’s parent or carer, where appropriate).

6. Termination

If lessons are to be terminated, the Teacher is required to receive written notice at least 30 days notice before the commencement of the following month. The Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer) is required to pay for one full month.

If a pupil stops attending lessons without notice while the course is ongoing, the pupil’s parent/guardian is not entitled to a refund of any fees for that month.

7. Conduct

(a) Any changes to the terms of this Agreement must be confirmed in writing and signed and dated by both the Teacher and the Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer).

(b) If the Teacher chooses to waive any right or remedy under this Agreement or otherwise (for example, if the Teacher chooses to waive fees for any lessons which the Pupil does not attend) this shall not mean that he or she must do so in future or that he or she waives any other rights or

remedies, unless agreed in writing in accordance with Condition 9(a) above.

8. Communication between the parties

For the purposes of this Agreement written notice must be given on paper or via text or email.

9. Governing law and jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be subject to the laws of the jurisdiction of the location for the lessons (specified above) and the signatories to this Agreement agree that any dispute relating to  the subject matter of this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that jurisdiction.

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